The Future of VR and 360° Video - It’s here to stay

Trevor Westerlund

our fictional aristocrat

When it comes to VR and 360° video, consumers and clients are astounded by the big leaps forward made in this space. From video quality and engagement to practical applications of VR/360, we are truly entering a new frontier in immersive reality.

At Radical I/O, we are proud to be part of this space. Earlier this year, our team visited the BCTECH Summit and presented our BeThere360 iOS & Android app solution alongside our preferred VR/360 production partner Perspective Films. This multi-day summit showcasing BC’s finest in technology, hosted discussions held by the current sitting government, evangelists from major platforms, tech firms and education partners who are ushering the new wave of entrepreneurs. Meanwhile pitches were swirling on the floor from insurance brokers, worksafe groups, universities, government agencies and, of course, some of the brightest tech talents that Vancouver has to offer. Some partnerships were formed and many projects were scoped as the attendees celebrated this new backbone of Vancouver’s tech economy.

The clearest takeaway from the event was that VR and 360° Video is here to stay - and is poised to be adopted in every type and level of business.

As I moved from booth to booth at the summit, I noticed that approximately 80% of exhibitors were showcasing some form of content through a headset. From EA’s gaming demonstrations to BCIT’s highlighting of their school and courses focused on VR and 360 video, it was clear that both existing and emerging organizations are ready for this frontier.

For the last decade, I’ve been involved in smartphone apps and technology. From development for sports and entertainment brands, to a second-screen for your favourite cable television shows, I’ve seen app technologies start, continue and soar largely thanks to the mass adoption of smartphones. Being at the BCTECH Summit reminded me of such beginnings; early in my career, I heard again and again that smartphone app development was just a “fad”. Now, I’m hearing this about VR and 360 video. Understandably, there is some hesitation. For example, Google Glass seemed like a great idea to many, only to be abandoned in the same week as it was released. However, businesses are now diving into the deep-end with devices, applications, sponsorship and a concerted effort to lower price points across the board for VR and 360 headsets and content. To me, this indicates we will see an adoption rate that will dwarf that original first year mobile app market.

The immersive experience is becoming the norm for entertaining, storytelling, engaging and connecting. It transcends industry types and offers a remarkable opportunity for consumers to interact with your offerings and experiences in ways that have not been possible before. I’m excited to take part in bringing VR and 360° video to a wider audience.


Speaking of bringing this VR & 360 tech to a wider audience, join me and the rest of the Radical I/O team at the Consumer VR show (CVR2017) that takes place this Fri May 5 through Sun May 7 in Vancouver, BC. We’ll be sharing a booth with Perspective Films and showcasing our BeThere360 iOS and Android mobile VR apps that can be easily customized and branded for your business or organization.

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