Renée Mak
our pun maker
Design, Government

How To Move Toward Citizen-Centered Design in Government

In my first blog post of this series, I introduced the concept of human-centered design and the advantages of utilizing this approach to create more impactful government-citizen relations. I also identified some of the unique and common challenges that government bodies face that can significantly impact successful implementation. In this…

Renée Mak
our pun maker
Design, Government

Human-centered design in government

What is human-centered design? When you think of human-centered design, what comes to mind? To people outside of the design field, it can feel like quite a nebulous term. Human-centered design is about taking, as the primary consideration, the perspective of a person (a user) and their needs, then building…

Trevor Westerlund
our fictional aristocrat
Community, Startups

Young Entrepreneurs in Vancouver

Those of you who know me, know how much I love working within the startup community; and, if you didn’t, now you know! As part of working within this community, I am a mentor with startup entrepreneurs between the ages of 15-18 who are members of TiE Young Entrepreneurs…

Briana Sim
our people advocate
People, Community

Why We Believe in Purpose and Profit

When we started Radical I/O in 2014, we had this (dare I say it) ‘radical idea’ that engaging with purpose in our community and being profitable were not mutually exclusive goals. In fact, only through being impactful could we enjoy being profitable. I was drawn to being a new…

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